Matsudo Pear

Matsudo has an environment where delicious pears grow.

Matsudo has a perfect condition (terrain and climate) to cultivating pears.

There are 2 types of pears; Matsudo orchards have over 10 varieties of sweet green and brown pears for you to pick and try from their trees.

We welcome visitors from early August to early October to experience our pears and beautiful orchards.

Kosui The most popular pear variety, available from early August. Sweet, soft, juicy and free of acidity ‒ a clear winner.
Hosui A large-sized pear available in mid - August. Soft and juicy with a strong sweet taste - another crowd favorite.
Nijisseiki Originating in Matsudo, this variety is available from early to mid-September. A high-quality pear that is soft, juicy and boasts an elegant and distinctive flavor.
Shurei A cross-breed between “Kosui”and “Chikusui”. Its appearance is simple but tastes very sweet and sophisticated. It’s a rare variety.
Kaori An extremely large and popular variety available in mid-September. A pear with light green skin and an elegant aroma. It is sweet with no acidic aftertaste.
Akizuki A variety available in mid-September. A juicy pear with great taste and less acidity.
Aki-no-Hohoemi A cross-breed variety of the Japanese “Akizuki” and Chinese “Okarin” pears. It is sweet and succulent with little acidity.
Niitaka This extremely large variety is available from September to October. A high-quality fruit that is sweet and free of acidity.
Shinkou Available from late September to early October. Soft, juicy and rich in sweetness ‒ an excellent pear.

Matsudo, the birthplace of the “20th century” pear variety

Chiba Prefecture is Japan's largest grower of pears, and production in Matsudo and surrounding regions is thriving.

Matsudo is particularly well known as the birthplace of the "20th Century" pear variety (or Nijisseiki nashi in Japanese).

Many of today's pear varieties can be traced back to the Nijisseiki nashi pear, including the widely sold Kosui and Hosui varieties.

Historically, the first Nijisseiki pear tree was discovered in 1888 by a then 13-year-old boy named Kakunosuke Matsudo at the Village of Ohashi

(within the current Matsudo City limits). He took good care of the young tree and ten years later sweet and juicy pears grew from its branches.

The pears became famous for their wonderful taste, and Nijisseiki pear seedlings were consequently sold throughout the country.

Pear Orchards Map

This map shows our 15 pick your own farms highlighted by yellow pin where you can enjoy picking your own pear to consume.

Pick your own pears is a popular summer pastry time in Matsudo, attracting pear loved from to Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Admission is free! There’s rest area for you to enjoy our orchards.

You can also buy our sweet and delicious pears at our 30 direct sell farms that are highlighted with a green pin.

2023 Edition Brochure

The Matsudo Pear Farming Agritourism Association publishes a leaflet every year to promote Matsudo pears to tourists.

Please feel free to download and print out the leaflet and use the coupons for picking and direct sales, valid for one time only on the day of purchase of \1,000 or more.